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Mens Team Sheets

B D & L Mens FINAL Monday 26th August: AWAY at Wolverton Park 2.15pm Whites

Rink 1 2 3 4 5


Jim McLuckie

Herby Taylor

Colin Boddy

Eddie Holland

Richard Franklin


John Burgess

Roger Knee

Ray East

John Brazier

Roger Head


Steve Cornell

Ian Jones

Dave Vincentijevic

Eric Evans

Steve Boreham


( R. Head E. Holland ) (S. Cornell H. Taylor) (E. Evans, R. Franklin, R. East)

(C. Boddy I. Jones)  (J. Brazier, J.McLuckie,D. Vince)

S. Boreham

J. Burgess

Reserves: P. Wilkinson, J. Nash

Good Luck on the day West End !!!

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